The Unexpected Present

Yuri Notes

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The Voice

I always loved Yuri's voice. Still do. The richness in timbre –its musically sounding character and clean quality or his range going from warm-toned tenor to unwavering falsetto– so distinctive in its pitch and intensity.
Hector Flamingo

Heart of Gold

Yuri's brain (as chairman of the board), encouraging the rest of his players to heal synergistically with Western medicine and non-traditional therapies.
Yuri on deck

Summer Days Debriefing

I watch what Yuri accomplishes every day– the longer walks, taking the outside front steps, walking down the uneven riser steps to the lower level. These are challenges he was unable to do just a week ago.

Free At Last

I want to do my best for Yuri. He is, after all, the man in charge of his come back. That's what Home Care Team kept saying about the vast improvements and recovery in one month of being home.
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Monday Nite Summer

Yuri felt like he missed the Spring season. It was often raw and rainy fraught with strong winds, passing thunderstorms, sometimes a bit of hail (along with the Hail Marys), then a sudden thrust into heat and high humidity.
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Tube B or Not Tube B or the Tube & I

by Yuri Turchyn Coming home from Rehab felt like a triumph. The first two weeks were tough physically and mentally. Emotionally, it was heaven. It's the Quiet that makes me content.
CK+YT @Woodstock

Telling Our Story

writing + Podcasting

We find a purpose in life, not just a lifestyle to live by, taking on life’s challenges with words, music, time stamps and postcards.

How It Started
Air Guitar Wedding

How Could This Be Happening?