The Unexpected Present

Yuri Notes

Autumn Colors

Watching Colors Turn Autumn

Six months ago the seasonal changes from winter into spring went mostly unnoticed by us when Yuri was taken to the ER and our world became the unexpected present.
CK+YT @Woodstock

Unwired at Woodstock

Being wired. Getting wired. The fight or flight response is wired into our basic survival instincts when threatened. Yuri survived a life or death scenario which we still find hard to believe at times.
Harvest Moon

Summer End, Harvest Moon

A whirlwind from the last week of summer ushering in another season predicated by the light of the Full Harvest Moon. There were some milestone moments such as an impromptu excursion
Herbie Hummingbird

Observation of the Little Things

Our dining table-turned workstation keeps our minds exercised while the body instrument heals. Most instances of the numerous medications and medical equipment are gone, replaced with a five-string electric violin, guitars, mixers, headphones,
photo of common kingfisher flying above river

9/11 Remembered: I’ll Be Missing Your Love

A beautiful day– clear, blue skies. We remember 9/11 vividly despite being hundreds of miles and worlds away from one another’s sympathies.
field of plants

Caregiving Is Not Free

It’s been the most unsettling time as I fell into the rabbit hole of primary caregiver during an intensive, and in those early weeks, an extremely dire situation that lasted for what seemed like an eternity
CK+YT @Woodstock

Telling Our Story

writing + Podcasting

We find a purpose in life, not just a lifestyle to live by, taking on life’s challenges with words, music, time stamps and postcards.

How It Started
Air Guitar Wedding

How Could This Be Happening?