The Unexpected Present

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The Sweetest Kiss

Yesterday I get a call from the new doctor assigned to Yuri asking me about his state of mind because he seems despondent this morning and unable to communicate.
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Taking the Time for Memorial Day

After weeks of hospitalization on a ventilator, there is no physical therapy, no chair for him to sit in nor the swallow assessment team since Friday because, “it’s the long holiday weekend, you know.” I know.
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Born Under the Lucky Stars

I believe Yuri was born under these lucky stars because after the last couple of days (weeks) of uncertainty and complications, he has come through what seemed impossible.
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Telling Our Story

writing + Podcasting

We find a purpose in life, not just a lifestyle to live by, taking on life’s challenges with words, music, time stamps and postcards.

How It Started
Air Guitar Wedding

How Could This Be Happening?