The Unexpected Present

Giving Thanks, Thanks forGiving

Nellie on Sweater

I am thankful. So very thankful.


We hung on, staying positive, keeping the faith, and taking those baby steps. Today, I read the blog posts from the beginning of our journey, we remain the Voyagers staying the course. Watching the golden light hit the amber and rust hues of the few leaves left clinging to the tree branches, it’s breathtaking to watch it until the setting sun disappears and the takeover of the deepening shadow. We salute another sunset.


Appreciating all these moments that kept me going, kept us going, turns out to be all the beautiful notes, prayers, and good thoughts that come from the ones we love and who love us. Definitely lifts our spirits to the heights just as Yuri has done so many times with his violin. Oh, those lovely sounds that pull me up and leave me hanging on that last trailing of his exquisite notes. We’re both still hanging on to those notes. I look forward to the day when Yuri’s playing will take me up again. Fly me to the moon, let me hang onto the stars.


And we feel lucky. We’re here. Alive. Taking in the day, the cold, clean air, the sights, and the sounds of this rural environment. We are so grateful to all of our friends and relatives near and far away, across the oceans and continents, past the state-lines who stayed close in their good thoughts and sweet dreams. And thanks to the many who wrote, called, sent messages, took the time to see us when we needed it the most. Thank you all. Comments and responses, personal stories, notes of serenity, hope, and love. Love. Love. Love. Thank you, my friends.


Mmm. Yuri just pulled the apple pie out of the oven.

Apple Pie
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